Turkish Network Administrators Association (AYD)
The aim of the Turkish Network Administrator Association is to gather the people who are interested in the Network Technologies to realize the following purposes:
a. To provide the mutual communication and working environment in between the network administrators and the institution representatives by gathering them under the association umbrella,
b. To introduce and spread the Computer Networks and the Technologies in Turkey,
c. Introduction and training of the Network Technologies,
d. To support all kind of works and researches on the Network Technologies,
e. To participate in the national and international relevant congresses, conferences and the activities,
f. To support the training activities on the Network Technologies in High Schools and Universities,
g. To prepare the necessary environment for social and cultural activities in between the network administrators.
The center of the Turkish Network Administrator Association is in Istanbul. You can find the contact information below.

Nondiscrimination Policy of AYD
AYD (Network Administrator Association) do not promote or discriminate against any person, any employees, population group, or organization with regard to categories protected by applicable Republic of Turkey’s laws and European Convention on Human Rights. These include, but are not limited to race, color, religion, sex, gender expression, physical appearance, language, education background, national origin, age, disability, and veteran status.

Contact Details
Sanayi Mah.Eski Büyük Dere Cad. No:55 4.Levent/ISTANBUL
Education Center:
Sultan Selim Caddesi No:16/2 4.Levent/ISTANBUL
Email: info @ agyonetcileri.org
Telephone: +90 212 325 64 30
Fax: +90 212 325 64 30